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Our Clients Say

Jenna Santino is casually posing next to a massage table in her home office.
“Jenna is AMAZING!!!! I’ve played sports for nearly my entire life and have suffered through knee, hip, and low back pain for years. After only 1 session, Jenna made my pain go away. She is a MIRACLE WORKER! – Michael S.

"Jenna offers a skillful and gentle approach to unwind muscle aches, reset the body, and center the mind." – Kimberly L.

“I’ve taken a few studio yoga classes and wound up hurting myself. The instructors don’t seem to have the anatomy knowledge that Jenna brings to her classes. I am moving through poses with more body awareness and less body strain.  And I’m gaining more strength than I thought I would!” – Lisa T.

"My mom experienced extreme pain and anxiety while undergoing cancer treatment. Jenna came to her home and provided massage and guided meditations. My mom experienced less pain and learned breathing techniques to relax and calm her mind.  It really made a difference for her and our entire family."  Amber H.

“I am a competitive cross-fitter. I initially began seeing Jenna for massage to help rehab my left shoulder strain.  That was 4 years ago.  Last year she talked me into a stretchy yoga class. I didn’t think I would get much out of it. And I was pretty worried because I am not very flexible.  Jenna made the class challenging and fun.  I decided to add 2 yin yoga sessions with her each week and it has made a huge difference in my range of motion, muscle strength and recovery, and my overall form.”  Brandon T.

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