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A Path to Living Well

Welcome to Breathe Massage.

Therapeutic Massage address emotional needs and the body's structural alignment

to foster lasting change and a more pain-free life.

Each session starts with a brief intake, followed by a personalized massage experience. I incorporate various techniques like Thai, NMT, and Myofascial release to alleviate pain and tension. Our Membership program is ideal for clients seeking continuous care, offering two massages per month with goal setting and progress evaluation at each appointment.

Breathe Massage is also proud to provide mobile massage services for Palliative/Hospice care, delivering gentle care to reduce suffering and enhance the quality of life throughout all stages of illness.

Whatever your reason for choosing our massage services, my aim is to assist you in feeling better, moving with greater ease, and achieving a sense of renewal.

You deserve to feel better! Contact me today to book your appointment.

Aromatherapy Oil

Massage Membership

Our Massage Membership offers you the benefits of massage therapy, including stress relief, pain reduction, and improved circulation. Regular massage sessions can also help you maintain a healthy body and mind, leading to a happier and more productive life.

To learn more about our Massage Membership, please contact Jennifer for details. Current members can easily book appointments through the Massage service tabs on our website. Thank you for choosing us for your wellness needs.

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