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No matter your massage needs there is a service perfect for you.  Massage sessions may include any of the following: Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy

Wellness Membership is now available!! 

Introductory 60 minute Massage Pricing available at 20% off the price listed below. 
Active and Retired Military Discount Available!

60 minute Relaxation Massage                                     $70.00

Pamper yourself in a relaxation massage and allow your tension and stress to melt away.  A 60 minute massage is perfect for structural maintenance to support your health and wellness goals.

90 minute Bodywork Treatment                                   $100.00

Chronic aches, discomfort, and tension are addressed during your customized treatment massage.  A 90 minute massage is ideal if you are wanting to set goals toward achieving long lasting structural change to increase range of motion, reduce inflammation and experience less pain

120 minute Complete Structural Awareness                              $140.00

Constant sufferers of pain and structural misalignment benefit by beginning massage treatments with extended sessions in order to thoroughly address their unique needs.  Whether your goal is to pamper yourself in total relaxation or experience relief from chronic muscle tension, inflammation or skeletal misalignment, a 120 minute massage is the best option to address your goals and exceed your expectations.

Additional Services Available:

Kinesio Taping              Hot Stone Massage-$10.00

Massage Cupping          Paraffin Hand Therapy-$10.00