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A Path to Moving Well




Welcome to Breathe Yoga 

Tacoma's only studio to offer small group classes!

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Yoga provides a language and instruction to unwind and tone your body

that is gentle for all body types,

safe for all agesand easy to understand. 

All Experience Levels are Welcome for Yoga classes at Breathe Massage + Yoga

Join me Tuesday evenings for Hatha Yoga.  This style focuses on building muscle tone and increasing range of motion. Yogis in this class will see improvements in strength, balance, and an in increase in flexibility.

Thursday evening Gentle Yoga is a slower, more meditative class.  Most poses are completed in a seated or lie down position and include deep long stretches paired with breathing and mindful meditation.  Yogis in this class experience lasting structural change and mental calm as they invite their bodies the opportunity to release long held tension and stress.

I look forward to seeing you soon and becoming a part of your fitness lifestyle!



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