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     Thank you for discovering Breathe Massage + Yoga. My name is Jenna, and this business is my passion
     For the past 9 years, I have been honored to provide aid and comfort to many wonderful people utilizing my unique approach to therapeutic massage therapy.  While providing services to others, I found that I was using improper body positions to support my posture for extended lengths of time. It wasn’t very long before I began experiencing the same aches and pains as the clients I was serving. 

                                             I was tired of living in pain! 

     I knew that yoga therapy used a flow of movement and poses that could help me unwind my body habits and learn new, more supportive postures. So, I embarked on my own journey to unlock and reset my body’s chronic misalignments. I knew that if my muscles were properly engaged that there would be less stress on my body every time I moved.

                                                                                                                      It worked!
And I was really excited to tell all of my massage clients about the things I was learning, but I couldn’t.  My Massage License does not allow me to educate my clients with stretches to help them learn new body habits.  I agree, it is kind of silly.

The only option left was to become a Certified Licensed Practitioner and in October 2021 that is exactly what I did.  After courses completed, I returned to Tacoma and expanded my massage business to include a little yoga studio.                                                          Welcome!
Please allow me to unlock your chronic aches, pains and body misalignments with yoga in my small group setting. I invite you in to stretch, breathe, and then book a massage!

                                                                           See you soon!!

                                                                                                               Jennifer Santino

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